Planet Geisha (2016)

Lunar Mgc

Lunar Mgc

"The rare November supermoon is certainly one for the record books, not since January 25, 1948 has a full moon come this close to Earth". 
During this rare lunar event and a bone shaking earthquake, the recording session of Lunar Mgc took place at Magnetic Fidelity. The new album is a 100% analog Direct-to-Master recording on magnetic tape using vacuum tube equipment, and a psychedelic path to planet Geisha. 

The Lunar Mgc trio is Apostolis Michalopoulos (Guitar), Nikos Aggelopoulos (Bass), and Dimitris Kounatiadis (Drums) and call their music style "Psychedelic Piu Piu Rock", phonetically referring to the high-spirited and dreamy guitar sounds that make a singing voice obsolete. In this purely instrumental album it is the guitar that sings its song in a universal language.  Lunar Mgc self released their music since early 2015, being busy pouring their creativity generously into two EPs called "Truth", "Lunar Mgc" and one album called "Fading In The Shadows".

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Planet Geisha (2016)

Lunar Mgc

Lunar Mgc

Cables: Van Damme OFC, Viper, Cordial, and custom wiring consisting of 99.99% solid silver wires, along with gold plated connectors by Neutrik and some miscellaneous connectors by Amphenol and Switchcraft
Digital Converters: Burr-Brown
Mastering Engineer:

analog recording equipment:
Telefunken M15A, Manley Variable Mu Mastering Compressor/Limier, Manley Massive Passive Mastering Equalizer, Thermionic Custom Green Fat Bustard, Magnetovolt Sideways, Variety Microphone Pre-amplifiers, FWRL Spring Reverb Unit



Mastering Room: Magnetovolt Full Range Monitoring System based on KEF drivers
Microphones: AKG, Electrovoice, Lem, and Shure.
Mixing Board: Thermionic Culture Custom Green Fat Bustard
Producer: J. I. Agnew and Lunar MGC
Recording Engineer: J. I. Agnew
Recording location: Magnetic Fidelity Live Room and Plate Room
Recording Software: ATR Magnetics 1/4" Master Tape
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD128

This album was recorded to Analog tape. It was then transferred to the DSD bit rate indicated above.

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LM001: Planet Geisha
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Lunar Mgc
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Critical Point
Lunar Mgc
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Lunar Mgc
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Lunar Mgc
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Lunar Mgc
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Lunar Mgc
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